Daily Writing Prompt

When I saw the word Torn, the very first thought in my mind was a mother being torn over her children.

Most parents want the very best for their children. I am no exception. I want my children to have a decent job, a reliable car (even if it looks like a hooptie) and a nice place to live.

My mother helped me out some when I was pregnant with my first child. She was an excellent seamstress and she sewed several maternity outfits for me. It was a Godsend as I was very poor and could not afford anything more than food and housing.

When I was much older, I got myself in a terrible financial situation. It was all due to me not taking care of the checkbook and I wound up with LOTS of hot checks. I could have been put in jail for that! I desperately needed $1500.00 to get myself out of a bind. But she said “Not no but hell no!” I really wanted help but looking back, it’s a wonderful thing I had to claw myself out of that situation. It was wonderful because I have never let my financial situation get in that predicament again.

Was my mother torn in her heart about telling me no? I don’t know to be honest. She had a hard life raising us three kids. My dad never contributed a dime after they divorced. She had learned to save money.

Recently I was torn in my heart for telling my oldest son no when he asked to borrow $2,000 to get himself out of a financial bind. About a year ago he bought a brand new big Dodge truck. Diesel. 4-wheel drive. Lift kit. Beautiful, shiny black.

At the time he had a part-time job and could easily afford the payments. The part-time job ended, but those payments didn’t. I truly love you my son, and if it was a dire situation, I would loan you $2,000. But not for this. Please learn a lesson and budget on your base pay. Learn to save a little.

This is only one tiny time I have been torn by my children. I’m sure there will be hundreds more. But one thing I don’t have to be torn about is my constant love for them.