The Old Folks “Communal”

In May of this year, 2017, I became affectionately termed a “senior citizen”. Now let me be perfectly clear…..I do treasure being given this honor.  First and foremost it means the Good Lord has blessed me with 1,912,749,286 healthy and for the most part happy seconds.  That’s a lot of seconds!!   You can find out how many seconds you are by going to

There are a lot of advantages to being in The Old Folks Communal. Here is a list of my favorite things about being a senior citizen.

  • You get all kinds of discounts for being old.
  • You get into heated arguments about Medicare Supplement Plans
  • It’s finally okay to have a belly pouch…your significant other thinks you’re sexy/younger people are grossed out
  • Walkers and walking canes are your new best accessory
  • When someone talks to you and you don’t want to listen, you can say “huh?” as many times as necessary before they give up, since they think you can’t hear
  • Kidnappers pass right by you
  • You don’t give a HOOT what others think about you
  • You can speak your mind and everyone just thinks you are “the crazy one” (and its okay because you are old!!)
  • You are too old to have a mid-life crisis
  • You get to drive real slow just to make people mad and you think it’s hilarious when they honk/zoom past you/yell/ act totally like you used to back “in the day”

I hope you enjoyed my light-hearted post about being a senior citizen.  I try my best to be positive and funny, but never to hurt anyone’s feelings.

I’m proud to be in the “Communal”