Early Christmas Present

I had the day off today so husband and I planned to spend the day together.  We headed to town to get the day started.

We ate lunch at our favorite Mexican food restaurant, Papacitas.  They always have superior service and excellent food.  I could go there and eat only chips and be perfectly happy.  We ate lunch and with full bellies, left to go across the highway to Kays Jewelry.

My husband wanted to buy me a nice bracelet for Christmas, Pandora to be exact.  It just so happens that Kays stopped selling Pandora bracelets recently.  They told us that if we wanted to purchase a Pandora bracelet we would have to go Tyler, TX.  So off we went to drive 35 miles or so to get to Jared Jewelry.  We found exactly what we were looking for.  I can’t tell you how excited this sweet, feminine bracelet makes me feel.  Like a queen.  I have the very best husband ever.


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My husband and I are very happily married. We always do things together. This blog is a way for us both to have a say to the world about things we want to share

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